Purple Apollo Anklet Vivinou
Purple Apollo Anklet Vivinou
Purple Apollo Anklet Vivinou


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11.5" Freshwater irregular purple pearl anklet

14k Gold-filled clasp closures and details

Adjustable length

*All pieces are handcrafted and made to order

*Every piece is unique, therefore the beads and pearls used can slightly vary

*Please allow 3-5 business days before shipment for product to be made


What is gold-filled?

Gold-filled contains 5% of solid 14k gold, and is done by a process of heat bonding. The layer of gold is permanently bonded with heat and pressure onto the base metal. Gold-filled jewellery is much more valuable and longer lasting than gold plated pieces. It is hypoallergenic and less likely to tarnish, meaning it is suitable for everyday wear and is cheaper than solid gold.