Care Guide

There are many factors which can influence the conditions of VIVINOU jewellery as many of the materials used in production are delicate and should be worn and looked after with care. 

The following care instructions will help to ensure your new pieces last a long time.


Protect Your Jewellery: Our jewellery can be sensitive to the daily knocks of life. In order to protect your pieces avoid wearing them when showering, swimming, exercising and before going to bed. Your jewellery can also tarnish over time if it comes into contact with perspiration from your skin. Avoid contact with abrasive products such as perfumes, detergents, creams and cosmetics. 

Storage of Your Jewellery: Always keep your jewellery stored safely in individual pouches or soft cloth materials. This will help to protect against scratches, tangling and breakages. Over time small marks or scratches may occur, this is normal when wearing your piece for a longer period of time. Do not store your jewellery in direct sunlight, the bathroom or any humid places. 

Cleaning Your Jewellery: Protect your jewellery by periodically cleaning each piece with a very soft cloth or cotton wool.This will help to remove any dirt or dust on your jewellery. Avoid cleaning it with any substances that are not PH neutral, such as jewellery cleaners and antibacterial soaps. using these may cause your jewellery to tarnish more quickly.